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Healthy Relationship Building

Crafting Bonds of Trust and Understanding for a Unified Community

Program Overview

Building healthy relationships is a vital part of personal and community well-being. At NATIVE, Inc., we offer a program focused on Healthy Relationship Building, which includes Youth Talking Circles and various other curriculums. Our program aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to form and maintain positive relationships in all areas of their lives. The Youth Talking Circles provide a safe and supportive space for young people to express their thoughts, listen to others, and learn from shared experiences. Our various curriculums cover essential aspects of relationship building, such as communication, empathy, respect, and conflict resolution. By participating in our program, individuals can enhance their interpersonal skills, foster stronger connections, and contribute to a more harmonious community. Join us as we learn, grow, and build healthier relationships together.

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  • Am I eligible?
    The "Great Plains Indians" Peer Support Program offered by Native Inc. extends its services to individuals who meet specific eligibility criteria. The program is designed to support adults who are currently involved or have recently been involved in the criminal justice system. This includes individuals who may have experienced incarceration, probation, parole, or any form of legal involvement. Native Inc. welcomes individuals from Native American communities within the Great Plains region, providing a culturally sensitive and supportive environment for those seeking peer support. Eligibility is not limited by age, gender, or specific offenses, as the program aims to assist individuals in their journey towards personal growth, positive change, and successful reintegration into their communities.
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