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Housing Services

Native Inc. is a dedicated organization that provides provide financial assistance to sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons, as well as those at risk of homelessness, and provide the services necessary to help those persons quickly regain stability in permanent housing after experiencing a housing crisis and/or homelessness

In addition to financial support, Native Inc. offers supportive services such as housing counseling, landlord-tenant mediation, and access to resources for home repairs. We understand that housing stability goes beyond the initial rental process and strive to provide ongoing support. Through their comprehensive approach, Native Inc. empowers Native Americans to overcome housing obstacles and thrive in their communities.

To Inquire/Apply

Bismarck Office | 2403 East Thayer Ave. Bismarck ND 58501

Email or Call Bismarck Line at (701) 595-5181

Fargo Office | 115 University Drive North Ste. 102 Fargo ND 58102

Email or Call Main Line: (701) 412-2735

** Must bring the Intake Form to the front desk at the NATIVE, Inc. location you reside in, to conduct an assessment.

If you are unable to print or complete the form, please come to the NATIVE, Inc. office that you reside in.

Rental Assistance

Native Inc. provides crucial rental assistance to Native Americans by offering support for various housing expenses. They help individuals with their first month's rent, ensuring that they have the financial means to secure housing and start their tenancy on a stable footing. Additionally, Native Inc. assists with security deposits, alleviating the financial burden of these upfront costs and enabling Native Americans to meet landlords' requirements without strain. Moreover, they also provide aid for past due rent, helping individuals facing financial hardships to catch up on their payments and maintain housing stability. Through their rental assistance programs, Native Inc. plays a vital role in ensuring that Native Americans have access to safe and affordable housing, fostering stability and empowering individuals and families to thrive.

  • First month rent and security deposit

  • Past due rent

Housing Support

Native Inc. is dedicated to providing comprehensive housing support services to Native Americans, including assistance in finding affordable housing. They understand the challenges individuals face in accessing suitable and affordable homes, and they work diligently to connect Native Americans with housing opportunities that meet their needs and budget. Additionally, Native Inc. goes the extra mile by helping individuals find landlords who are willing to rent to them. This service is especially valuable as it addresses potential discrimination or bias that individuals may encounter during their housing search. By offering this support, Native Inc. ensures that Native Americans have access to a wide range of housing options, fostering inclusivity and helping them secure housing that meets their requirements.

  • Help finding affordable housing

  • Help finding a landlord that will rent to you

Housing Stabilization

Native Inc. recognizes the importance of housing stabilization and offers valuable services to support individuals in maintaining rental housing. They provide a range of resources and assistance aimed at stabilizing housing situations for Native Americans. This includes housing counseling and education to help individuals navigate challenges such as budgeting, lease obligations, and communication with landlords. They also offer mediation services to address conflicts and disputes between tenants and landlords, fostering positive relationships and promoting stability in rental housing. Through their housing stabilization services, Native Inc. empowers Native Americans to overcome obstacles, maintain their housing, and create a secure and thriving living environment.

  • Help stabilizing rental housing

Housing Landlord Mitigation

An Individual must:

  • Be enrolled or eligible to enroll in Medicaid or Medicaid Expansion.

  • Have an intellectual, developmental, physical, aging-related or behavioral health condition or be a youth exiting the foster care system.

  • Have a housing barrier that would disqualify them under ordinary rental selection criteria (i.e. criminal record, rental history, or credit score deficiencies).

  • Willing to actively participate in supportive services for the term of the coverage.

Opening Doors provides households with a rental barrier the opportunity to access housing. The barrier could be poor credit or prior rental history, or a criminal conviction. The program also encourages landlords to lease units to households that may not meet all their rental criteria by providing coverage if there is excessive damage or lost revenue. Individuals seeking assistance must be referred by Participating Care Coordination Agency (NATIVE, Inc.). Please contact your case manager or NATIVE, Inc. office at (701) 595-5181, dial 1.

What do we help with?

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