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Cultural Activities

Immersing in Tradition, Crafting Heritage, and Celebrating Native American Culture

Program Overview

Embracing our heritage is a key part of our identity. NATIVE, Inc. offers a wide range of Cultural Activities to foster our cultural connection to the Native American community and to Tribal identities through many cultural programs. Our cultural programs include: Pow-wow Dancing Classes, Pow-wow Drum Song Classes, Pow-wow Regalia Making Classes, Hand Drum Making Classes, Beading Classes, Ribbon Skirt and Shirt Making Classes, and Star Quilt Making Classes.


Participants heal through beading, sewing, leather making, and performance arts. These classes offer Native Americans with the opportunity to enrich Tribal identities and rich tapestry of our Native American heritage. Participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in traditional practices, learn from experienced instructors, and create beautiful pieces that reflect our culture.


These activities not only foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of our heritage but also provide a platform for self-expression and creativity. Join us as we celebrate our culture, learn new skills, and strengthen our community.

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The first ever Round Dance held in Bismarck, ND that was hosted by NATIVE, Inc. held this past spring 2023

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What We Do

Ribbon Applique Making Classes

Ribbon Skirt Making Classes

Regalia Making Classes

Beading Classes

Hand Drum Making Classes

Afterschool Youth Drum Class

Afterschool Tribal Hand Games

Day Pow-wows

Round Dances

Hand Game Tournaments

What do we help with?

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    The "Great Plains Indians" Peer Support Program offered by Native Inc. extends its services to individuals who meet specific eligibility criteria. The program is designed to support adults who are currently involved or have recently been involved in the criminal justice system. This includes individuals who may have experienced incarceration, probation, parole, or any form of legal involvement. Native Inc. welcomes individuals from Native American communities within the Great Plains region, providing a culturally sensitive and supportive environment for those seeking peer support. Eligibility is not limited by age, gender, or specific offenses, as the program aims to assist individuals in their journey towards personal growth, positive change, and successful reintegration into their communities.

 The process begins before we enter the lodge.

Volunteers may contact:

Come learn how to prepare for a sweat lodge ceremony.