We are Native Americans living and working in the Bismarck Metro area. We are respected and appreciated. We have prosperous, healthy families and are proud of our Native American heritage. We are respected political and civic leaders. We are well-known for our athleticism and healthy lifestyles. Our languages and lifestyles link current generations to the ancient indigenous people who live in harmony with the earth. We are courageous people telling the truth about a history of conflict, yet willing to forgive and to reconcile with brothers and sisters. We are welcoming people, sharing with those new to the community and those who cannot meet their basic needs. We are respectful and generous, and we stand in solidarity with those who seek to improve their lives. Native, Inc. helps transform those who feel helpless despair into strong people full of hope.
Ceremonies and tribal languages are still a significant way of life to tribal people and their communities, as tribal people, we are responsible for sharing this knowledge to our future generations so that our culture and language may thrive.
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