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Community Connect

Empowering Transformation Towards a Renewed Future

  • Care Coordination: A care coordinator assists with short and long-term goals, and barriers, and provides a source of connection and support.

  • Recovery Services: Access to services or programs to assist an individual with meeting their needs and goals.

  • Peer Support: A peer support specialist is an individual with similar lived experience that offers hope, support and advocacy.

Services Include:

Program Overview

Community Connect helps pregnant women, families, caregivers, and individuals by providing a one-stop entry point for needed services, such as housing, employment, financial, parenting, physical health, and community connections. Community Connect is designed to assist individuals and families who may be experiencing difficult life circumstances to address any struggles and live a life at their full potential. Provides coordinated care, peer support and recovery services to individuals with similar lived experience that offers hope, support and advocacy.


  • 18 years of age or older

  • Reside in North Dakota

  • Have a Mental Health or substance use disorder diagnosis impacting functionality in multiple domains including housing, employment, parenting, physical health, and/or community connections.

Bismarck | (701) 595-5181, dial 1

Fargo | (701) 412-2735

Contact NATIVE, Inc. 

What do we help with?

  • Am I eligible?
    The "Great Plains Indians" Peer Support Program offered by Native Inc. extends its services to individuals who meet specific eligibility criteria. The program is designed to support adults who are currently involved or have recently been involved in the criminal justice system. This includes individuals who may have experienced incarceration, probation, parole, or any form of legal involvement. Native Inc. welcomes individuals from Native American communities within the Great Plains region, providing a culturally sensitive and supportive environment for those seeking peer support. Eligibility is not limited by age, gender, or specific offenses, as the program aims to assist individuals in their journey towards personal growth, positive change, and successful reintegration into their communities.
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