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Warrior Down Program

The Warrior Down Program is a transformative 12-week relapse prevention program specifically designed for Native American men and women. It is intended for individuals who are completing treatment, transitioning back to the community from incarceration, or those who have been actively engaged in their recovery journey and have a desire to offer support to others. This program empowers participants to become beacons of strength and inspiration, equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to prevent relapse and navigate the challenges of sustained recovery. Through a combination of group discussions, educational sessions, and peer support, the Warrior Down Program provides a supportive and nurturing environment for individuals to learn from one another and cultivate a sense of purpose in helping their fellow community members. Native Inc. recognizes the power of lived experiences and the importance of community support in the journey to lasting recovery, and the Warrior Down Program serves as a powerful platform for Native American men and women to share their wisdom, resilience, and hope.

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