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Bismarck Public Schools partners for Native American Talking Circles

The Bismarck school district is partnering with NATIVE, INC. to create open communication among students.

A cultural responsive coordinator said a smudging ceremony purifies the mind and body before the talking begins.

“Kids are at home and don’t really have that opportunity to talk and share and talk about their feelings so by having this circle this really gives them that opportunity,” said BPS cultural responsive coordinator, Donovan Lambert.

Recent Legacy High School grad Talihna Romero said, she has been participating in the circles since inception.

“We all kind of share the same struggle especially growing up in a predominately white community, you know it’s really easy to kind of just forget your heritage, so like being together with other people, people who understand your culture and understand where you’re coming from emotionally,” said Romero. 

Students also learn about Native American culture while in the talking circles.

The Native American Talking Circles happen every Tuesday from 4:30 to 6 p.m. at Sertoma Park, Shelter 7 until August 11.

Lambert also plans to offer these talking circles to BPS students and families throughout the school year.

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