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Native Inc. holds early spring festival

For Immediate Release

Contact: Lorraine Davis, Founder & CEO

Native American Development Center

Tel: (701) 595-5181 Email:

Native Inc warmly welcomed the community to its headquarters for an Early Spring Festival, a day-long celebration filled with cultural performances, local cuisine, and activities for attendees of all ages. The festival highlighted the rich cultural heritage of the community, featuring a variety of local performers, artists, and vendors. From engaging workshops for children to a traditional feast for all, the event was a testament to Native Inc's dedication to fostering unity and cultural appreciation.

For more details on the festivities and to view highlights from the event, visit the full article on KX News.

Join us as we continue to celebrate the diversity and strength of our community through events like these. Stay tuned for more opportunities to engage and participate in our cultural celebrations!

For more information regarding our events, please contact or tel: (701) 954-0093.

To sign up for NATIVE, Inc.'s latest news and announcements, go to the website at or follow us on:

Twitter: @native_inc 


Instagram: @ndnativeinc

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