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New program helping tribal elders get around and stay connected to the native community

NATIVE, INC. has create a program to serve the tribal elders in the Bismarck-Mandan area.

The Good Relative Tribal Elder program is designed to help tribal members live healthy lifestyles, live independently, and stay connected to the native community.

Elders will receive transportation to activities related to Native American culture, essential appointments and have home delivered meals, free of charge.

"We want to just, you know do a better job in serving Native Americans and really having that sense of belonging and providing those culturally responsive services. So we especially want to do that for tribal elders," said NATIVE, INC. Community Development Corporation and Native American Development Center Chief Executive Officer, Lorraine Davis.

To be eligible, the tribal member must be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe, be 55 and older, located in the Bis-Man area and fill out an application for the elders program.

For more information reach out the senior care coordinator at 701-354-7575 and dial 7.

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